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Live Working or Die Fighting: How The Working Class Went Global by Paul Mason
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Overview: A Chinese woman pushes her way to the front of a hiring queue outside a factory in Shenzhen….
A Bolivian miner, without light or ventilation, crawls deep inside a deserted mine…
A group of Somali cleaners files into an investment bank in London’s Canary Wharf…
Globalisation has created a whole new working class – and they are reliving stories that were first played out a century ago.
In Live Working or Die Fighting, Paul Mason tells the story of this new working class alongside the epic history of the global labour movement, from its formation in the factories of the 1800s to its near destruction by fascism in the 1930s. Along the way he provides a ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ for the anti-globalisation movement, uncovering startling parallels between the issues that confronted the original anti-capitalists and those who have taken to the streets in Seattle, Genoa and beyond.
Genre: Non Fiction, International Economics


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