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I Had A Lesbian Encounter With A Sorority And It Was Hella Awesome by Raven Blackbird
Requirements: Epub reader, 112 Kb
Overview: World famous news reporter and sex addict Jessica Fox is supposed to have a romantic dinner with her ‘bae’, Bigfoot. But when Bigfoot suddenly cancels so he can go clubbing with “Slick Willy”, she decides to “quit” men (or in this case, mythical ape-men) and “tries out” out for the “other team” (if you know what I mean… do you know what I mean?). Jessica’s long-time roommate, Tabitha, has started eating carpet, and she claims it’s the best thing she’s ever done. Jessica goes to a sorority party with Tabitha and her smoking hot lesbian lover, Paradise. At first Jessica is apprehensive about eating “poontang pie”, but after she closes her eyes and dives in, she wonders how she ever lived without it. In essence, Jessica has a lesbian encounter with a sorority, and hoo-boy does she find it hella awesome!
Genre: Erotic Romance, Lesbian FF


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