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Hunters & Hearts by James Iverson
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Overview: Based upon the extraordinary true story of Emil Iverson, explorer, athlete and head coach of the Chicago Blackhawks, Hunters & Hearts is an epic tale of adventure and friendship, loss and redemption.
The story charts the epic struggles of the Ojibwa tribe and in particular, Two Rivers and his raven spirit guide. The Ojibwa tribe is decimated by disease brought to the region by Europeans. The few survivors are driven from their village at gunpoint and their lodges burned to the ground. Two Rivers spends several years in selfimposed isolation as he plans his revenge and an eventual return to the village in order to properly bury his people. His hatred is tamed by the most unexpected occurrence. Just as he is about to be murdered by a ruthless bounty hunter a white man steps in to save him, sparking off a friendship that leads to Emil’s 1927 expedition to find the Lost Tribe.
Hunters & Hearts is a fascinating story of courage and loyalty as seen through the eyes of an amazing man and is written by Emil’s grandsons, John & James, with research provided by S. Moyer Iverson
Genre: History


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