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Go Systems Programming: Master Linux and Unix system level programming with Go by Mihalis Tsoukalos
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 2.0 MB
Overview: Key Features
Learn how to write system’s level code in Golang, similar to Unix/Linux systems code
Ramp up in Go quickly
Deep dive into Goroutines and Go concurrency to be able to take advantage of Go server-level constructs
Book Description
Go is the new systems programming language for Linux and Unix systems. It is also the language in which some of the most prominent cloud-level systems have been written, such as Docker. Where C programmers used to rule, Go programmers are in demand to write highly optimized systems programming code.

Created by some of the original designers of C and Unix, Go expands the systems programmers toolkit and adds a mature, clear programming language. Traditional system applications become easier to write since pointers are not relevant and garbage collection has taken away the most problematic area for low-level systems code: memory management.
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