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glitter: a sparkling life well lived, a future cut too short, an impression never forgotten by Jennifer Anderson
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Overview: The Power of Living a "YES" Life! This heartfelt book tells the true story of an extraordinary little girl’s health battle and her inspiring decision to always say "YES" to life. Lily Anderson was only eight when she began her courageous fight. Along with her family, friends and community, she confronts a life-altering challenge in a way that will inspire and touch you profoundly. Inside this incredible story you will discover: • An inspiring little girl’s view on how to live life • The hardest battle a family will ever have to fight • How one small girl can touch millions of lives by her infectious personality • Powerful glimpses of heaven seen through Lily’s experience as she was crossing over to be with Jesus • Friendships that will last forever • Hope for those who are still fighting, and understanding when life doesn’t go as planned • Peace knowing that there is life after our time here on earth-a mysterious eternity few understand Jennifer Anderson grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and attended the University of Pittsburgh where she obtained her degree in communication science. She married her husband, Joey, in 2000, and they started their family. Lily was their first bundle of joy born in May 2001, followed by her sister, Audrey, in February 2007. Jennifer has been a successful real estate agent since 1996 and Joey owns a thriving custom cabinetry company. The Andersons live in Atlanta, Georgia.
Genre: Non Fiction, Philosophy


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