Download Doctor Who: Independence Day by Peter Darvill-Evans (.ePUB)+

Doctor Who: Independence Day by Peter Darvill-Evans (Past Doctor Adventures #36)
Requirements: epub/mobi Reader, 2MB
Overview: The TARDIS lands on the planet Mendeb, where Ace meets a merchant adventurer named Kedin. She falls for him, seduces him — and then discovers him to be a slave trader. When, horrified, she tries to flee, he feeds her the will-sapping spore drug that turns independent citizens into obedient slaves, and sells her. The Doctor is on a mission to liberate the Mendeb slaves and lead them in revolt against the emperor Vathran — but can they survive without the support of their generous employers?
Meanwhile, Ace finds herself sold into the henads of Kedin’s arch-enemy Vathran, where she learns the reason for Kedin’s slave trading — Vathran has imprisoned Kedin’s family and is threatening to have them put to death.
Genre: Science Fiction


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