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Confessions of Danny Slocum by George Whitmore
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Overview: The witty and intimate story of a young man’s search for fulfillment during the cultural and sexual revolution of 1970s New York City

Danny Slocum is a gay man in New York at a time of unprecedented sexual freedom. And yet Danny hasn’t had a satisfying encounter with another man in years, a plight that drives him to sex therapy. Virgil, Danny’s therapist, suggests that Danny work with another man, Joe, who has a similar problem, in the hopes that they can work out their anxieties together. The arrangement brings memories of Danny’s bygone relationships bubbling to the surface as he searches his past for where exactly things went wrong, coming to the realization that perhaps what he craves, above all else, is to be whole.

Part novel and part memoir, The Confessions of Danny Slocum is a heartfelt, deeply relatable look at sex, love, happiness, and their painful reverse.
Genre: Fiction | General Fiction/Classics


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