Download Charmed (Destiny Romance #2) by Emmie Dark (.ePUB)

Charmed (Destiny Romance #2) by Emmie Dark
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 448 KB
Overview: When a handsome and charming stranger reluctantly enters the magic shop where perky Melanie Cooke works as a psychic, she fully expects to give him a standard reading and send him on his way. But for the first time in her life, her powers fail her and the reading goes horribly awry.
Michael Harrison was dubious about the idea of seeing a psychic, but given the attraction between them, he’s prepared to put first impressions aside. Yet as he and Melanie get to know each other, Michael is forced to confront his past, and to face the fact that Melanie may be more than she seems.
Will fear and suspicion ruin all or will the magic and power of love keep them together?
Genre: Romance


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