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5 Novels by Pete Dexter
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Overview: Pete Dexter was born in Pontiac, Michigan. He was a columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News, the Sacramento Bee and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Prior to that he worked for what is now The Palm Beach Post in West Palm Beach, Fl., but quit in 1972 because the paper’s owners forced the editorial page editor to endorse Richard Nixon over George McGovern. He began writing fiction after a life-changing 1981 incident in which thirty drunken Philadelphians, armed with baseball bats and upset by a recent column, beat the writer severely. The injuries, added to those he had suffered in traffic accidents and as an amateur boxer, left Dexter partially disabled and required years of corrective surgeries.
Dexter lives and writes on an island in the Puget Sound area of the state of Washington.
Genre: Mystery Fiction


Paris Trout (1988)
In this novel of social drama, a casual murder in the small Georgia town of Cotton Point just after World War II and the resulting court case cleave open the ugly divisions of race and class. The man accused of shooting a black girl, a storekeeper named Paris Trout, has no great feeling of guilt, nor fear that the system will fail to work his way. Trout becomes an embarrassment to the polite white society that prefers to hold itself high above such primitive prejudice. But the trial does not allow any hiding from the stark reality of social and racial tensions. Dexter, a former newspaper columnist, is also the author of Deadwood and God’s Pocket. Paris Trout won the 1988 National Book Award.

Brotherly Love (1991)
Left an orphan when the car his father, a powerful Philly union boss, is driving careens out of control, Peter Flood tries to distance himself from the family business while his cousin, Michael, enters the world of crime.

The Paperboy (1995)
The sun was rising over Moat County, Florida, when Sheriff Thurmond Call was found on the highway, gutted like an alligator. A local redneck was tried, sentenced, and set to fry.
Then Ward James, hotshot investigative reporter for the Miami Times, returns to his rural hometown with a death row femme fatale who promises him the story of the decade. She’s armed with explosive evidence, aiming to free–and meet–her convicted "fiancÚ."
With Ward’s disillusioned younger brother Jack as their driver, they barrel down Florida’s back roads and seamy places in search of The Story, racing flat out into a shocking head-on collision between character and fate as truth takes a back seat to headline news…

Train (2003)
Lionel Walk, better known as Train, is a young black caddy at an elite Los Angeles golf course, where he comes to know a police detective he calls ‘The Mile-Away Man’.
Norah Still is unwillingly at the center of the criminal investigation, as the only survivor of an attempted boat hijacking gone violently wrong. Sergeant Miller Packer – Train’s ‘Mile-Away Man’ – is in charge of the case and he finds himself drawn to the beautiful widow.
Miller’s interest in Norah and Train soon moves beyond his professional obligations. He tries to shield Norah from the events on the boat, fighting her need to hold on to the past and becomes a kind of manager as Train competes as a golfer on a lucrative underground gambling circuit. Miller’s oddly personal concern binds the three of them together in an uneasy triangle.
Pete Dexter’s remarkable new novel brings to life the most violent and tender impulses of his characters as they struggle to come to terms with the difference between a gift and a passion, between their abilities and their desires.

Spooner (2009)
"One of the greatest American writers, a storyteller who cuts straight to the nerve."
Scott Turow

Warren Spooner was born after a prolonged delivery in a makeshift delivery room in a doctor’s office in Milledgeville, Georgia, on the first Saturday of December, 1956. His father died shortly afterward, long before Spooner had even a memory of his face, and was replaced eventually by a once-brilliant young naval officer, Calmer Ottosson, recently court-martialed out of service. This is the story of the lifelong tie between the two men, poles apart, of Spooner’s troubled childhood, troubled adolescence, violent and troubled adulthood and Calmer Ottosson’s inexhaustible patience, undertaking a life-long struggle to salvage his step-son, a man he will never understand.

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