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Upheaval (As We Know It #1) by Rita Potter 
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Overview:It is time for Dillon Mitchell to start living again.
Since the death of her wife three years ago, Dillon had buried herself in her work. When an invitation arrives for Tiffany Daniels’ exclusive birthday party, her best friend persuades her to join them for the weekend.
It’s not the celebration that draws her but the location. The party is being held at the Whitaker Estate, one of the hottest tickets on the West Coast. The Estate once belonged to an eccentric survivalist, whose family converted it into a trendy destination while preserving some of its original history.
Surrounded by a roomful of successful lesbians, Dillon finds herself drawn to Skylar Lange, the mysterious and elusive bartender. Before the two can finish their first dance, a scream shatters the evening. When the party goers emerge from the underground bunker, they discover something terrible has happened at the Estate.
The group races to try to discover the cause of this upheaval, and whether it’s isolated to the Estate. Has the world, as we know it, changed forever?
Genre: Fiction > Romance, Suspense > FF


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