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The Chronicles of Breed Series by K.T. Davies (#1-2)
Requirements: ePUB, MOBI Reader | 2.3 MB
Overview: KT Davies lives in the West Midlands with a cat, three dogs, two children, and a husband (hers as it turns out). She writes novels, one was shortlisted for the British Fantasy Society best novel award. She games, she plays with swords and she sometimes writes about herself in the third person.
Genre: Dark Fantasy

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Dangerous To Know #1: After Breed, a thief-assassin of small renown is chased by a dragon, tricked by a demon, almost killed by a psychopathic gang boss, and hunted by a ferocious spider, life really takes a turn for the worse.
Sentenced to five years bonded servitude to a one-handed priest magician, Breed must find the hammer of the ancient hero known only as The Hammer of the North within a year and a day…
Or Else.
So, with only a drug-addicted vagrant, a rat-faced child, and a timid priest for backup, Breed sets out for the mighty city of Valen and the tomb of the Hammer.
What could possibly go Wrong?

Tooth And Claw #2: The World Needs A Hero, but all its got is Breed.
Leaving the Empire to face the wrath of an angry demon and its infernal hordes, Breed takes a ship and flees to Shen. With pockets full of gold, the hammer of the Hammer of the North, a crate of whiskey, and a conscience unburdened by guilt, life doesn’t get any better, does it?
Well, yes, it does, but it gets a lot worse first. No matter how fast Breed runs, trouble is never far behind. Charged by an ancient power to find a way to stop Shallunsard the demon, Breed is thrust from one world into another.

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