Download Calculator – Simple & Stylish v1.9.2 [Pro]

Calculator – Simple & Stylish v1.9.2 [Pro]
Requirements: 4.0.3+
Overview: A simple, stylish calculator.
Supports percent calculation, constant calculation, repeat and exponential, and interest calculation. Features memory functionality and the ability to display and save formulas.

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All calculation results are saved, and past formulas can be viewed at any time.
Anything entered is saved when the app quits, so the app resumes where you left off.
The widget can be used to perform the app functions on the home screen.
Percent calculations make calculating sales tax easy.

[Calculation Results]
*Can be changed through Settings.

[Percent Calculation]

[Constant Calculation]
Constant calculations follow the Casio-style.
After inputting the desired number, tap the desired operator twice to set it as the constant.
Ex) When you want to constantly add 100

[Exponential Calculation]

[Compound Interest Calculation]
Ex) When calculating the yearly maturity on 0.5% (after tax) of $10,000 deposited yearly.

This calculator does not support function operations.
Uses Sharp-style calculation formulas.

* Some use Casio-style.
* Calculator is free, however ads can be disabled by purchasing the Hide Ads Plugin.

[Main Functions]
– Floating widget
– Usable from the home widget
– Saves entries even when closed mid-calculation
– Press and hold the result to copy to clipboard
– Input up to 12 digits
– Usable portrait or landscape
– Tap the DEL key to delete 1 character
– Hold the DEL key to clear the entry
– Tap the C/CE key to clear the entry
– Hold the C/CE to clear everything
– Designed for tablets
– Displays history
– Saves history
– Customizable themes
– Customizable fonts
– Customizable layouts
– Customizable display
– Set the rounding of decimals
– Set the rounding place of decimals
– Vibrates when the widget is tapped
– Constant calculation (Casio-style)

Made in Japan.
© woodsmall inc.


– Bug fixes and Performance improvements

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Download Scientific Calculator | Complex Number v1.0.03 [Paid]

Scientific Calculator | Complex Number | Graphics v1.0.03 [Paid]
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
Overview: Scientific Calculator with Complex Numbers, Statistics and Linear Regression and Graphics.

Image Image

Scientific Calculator with Complex Numbers, Statistics and Linear Regression and Graphics.

• Calculate expressions containing complex numbers in standard form a+bi and polar (phasor) form r∠(θ).
• Supports all standard mathematical functions plus the Gamma, Γ, and Psi, Ψ, functions.

Swipe the number pad to the right to see more functions (trig, hyperbolic, inverses, etc).

• RAD and DEG mode.
• Fixed, scientific and engineering notations.

Do statistics with one or two dimensional data:
• x1, x2 ,x3, ….
• Press Σ to calculate sum, mean, max, min, variance, sample and standard deviation, median,upper and lower quartile, etc.

• x1, y1; x2, y2; x3, y3; … .
• Press Σ to calculate the equation of the linear regression line and graph it .

• Long press ! to calculate combinations C(n, r) and permutations P(n, r).

• Enter functions f(x) or parametric equations p(t) and generate table of values.

• Physical/Chemical/Atomic and other scientific constants.

• Easy to use unit converter. (Time, Mass, Length, Velocity, and many more.)

All of the above with more details are included in the built-in Instruction menu accompanying this scientific calculator.

What’s New
Some tweaks.

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Download BMR Calculator -Calculate BMR Instantly PRO v2.1

BMR Calculator -Calculate BMR Instantly PRO v2.1
Requirements: 4.4 and up
Overview: BMR calculator app to calculate Basel metabolic rate.


Whether you are trying to lose weight, get healthy, tone up, change your lifestyle, or start a diet. BMR Calculator – Calculate BMR Instantly app got you covered. Using this free app, you can lose weight, and keep track of your daily activity and calorie consumption. No signup, no registration! Simply download the app and set out on the road to healthier and happier life!
A healthy human body needs a certain number of calories and energy to survive. Your body requires energy even when you are doing nothing; your body needs energy to burn calories. On the basis of various factors like age, weight, and height; it is possible to calculate an estimated BMR value, which tells how many calories your body needs to burn for maintaining its current body weight.
If you are looking for an app to calculate BMR and find out the number of calories, you will need to keep the metabolism of your body at rest. The app features colorful graphics and efficient functionality to calculate BMR and display it.

Imperial or Metric Measures
You can enter the weight in Kilograms or Pounds and height in Feet/Inch or Centimeters.

Daily Activity Level
Easy to choose daily activity level: Little to No Activity, Light Activity, Moderate Activity, Very Active, Extreme Activity.

Basal Metabolic Rate Information
Use BMR tracker to find out your BMR or daily calories intake by either imperial or metric measurements.

Features of BMR Calculator – Calculate BMR Instantly app:
Simple functionality and attractive UI
Free BMR tracker
Calculate BMT in a matter of seconds
Use imperial or metric standards for pre-defined modes
Free BMR tracker, no registration or internet is required

PRO features unlocked

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Download Custom Formulas v3.7 [Paid]

Custom Formulas v3.7 [Paid]
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: This powerful app lets you create your own custom formulas and then perform computations using them by prompting you for the input values.


This powerful app lets you create your own custom formulas and then perform computations using them by prompting you for the input values.

This app is easy to use, but unlike simpler apps, multiple entered values can be fed into multiple formulas and multiple output values can be displayed. The output of one formula in a group can be fed into the next by using the same variable name.

Related formulas can be grouped into categories to make them easy to find. e.g. Maths formulas, Surveying formulas, Loan interest formulas etc.

The order of variables displayed to the user can be changed, as can the number of decimal digits of precision shown in the output fields.

Three example formulas are pre-installed with the app. In order of increasing complexity they are: slope percentage, compound interest, and point scale factor.

A formula group can be exported to a text file. Other users of the app can then import it, allowing your creations to be shared. An open forum where you can share formulas is available here:!forum/custom-formulas

Note: Do not use "e" or "pi" as variable names since these are pre-defined constants. This app uses the JFEP library. See the following page for the list of supported functions: (Plus int(), round(), ceil(), and floor() have also recently been added).

On-line help for the app is available here:

What’s New:

3.7: Fixed a bug with import and export no longer working that was caused by the previous update.

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Download CalcKit: All in One Calculator v2.3.1 [Premium]

CalcKit: All in One Calculator v2.3.1 [Premium]
Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: All in one calculator pack, a must have for every Student and Enthusiast. Containing over 80 calculators and converters, it’s the only calculation tool box you’ll ever need on your device.


Large collection of Unit Converter, Electronics and Mathematics Calculators.

If you’re a scholar, student, teacher, enthusiast, engineer or handyman and you need an all in one calculator… CalcKit is the right calculation tool box for you.

★ Scientific Calculator
★ RPN Calculator (Reverse Polish notation)
★ Floating Scientific Calculator
★ The first ever Floating RPN Calculator for Android
★ 48 Mathematic Calculator Tools
★ 22 Electronic Calculator Tools
★ 14 Unit Converter
★ Custom Tools Creator
★ Supports Math Expressions as input
★ Tablet Support
★ 3 Calculator Themes
★ 5 Languages

Languages: English – French – German – Macedonian – Spanish


Feedbacks and suggestions
We’d love to hear from you!
Send us your feedbacks at

Uses permissions:
• Wi-Fi & Network access (display in-app advertisements)
• In-App purchases (option to remove the advertisements)
• Vibration (vibrate when button is clicked)
• Draw over other apps (CalcKit’s floating calculator)

Complete list of all calculator tools and unit converters in the Tool Box:

Scientific & RPN Calculator
Floating Scientific & RPN Calculator

• Triangle
• Right Triangle
• Square
• Rectangle
• Parallelogram
• Rhombus
• Trapezoid
• Isosceles Trapezoid
• Regular Hexagon
• Regular Polygon
• Circle
• Segment of Circle
• Sector of Circle
• Ellipse
• Cube
• Cuboid
• Regular Prism
• Pyramid
• Pyramidal Frustum
• Regular Tetrahedron
• Regular Octahedron
• Cylinder
• Cylinder with an oblique plane face
• Cone
• Frustum of Cone
• Sphere
• Spherical Cap
• Spherical Sector
• Spherical Segment
• Spherical Wedge
• Torus

• Linear Equation
• Quadratic Equation
• Cubic Equation
• System 2×2
• System 3×3

Plane Analytic Geometry
• Distance between 2 points
• Area of Triangle
• Equation of Circle

Solid Analytic Geometry
• Distance between 2 points
• Equation of Sphere

• Prime Number Check
• Proportion Calculator
• Decimal to Fraction
• Fraction Simplifier
• Prime Factorization

Matrix Calculation
• Resources – Resistivity Table
• Resources – Logic Gates
• Resources – Electronic Symbols
• Resistor Color Code
• Inductor Color Code
• LED Resistor Calculator
• Series Components
• Parallel Components
• Ohms Law
• Power Triangle
• Y – Δ Transformation
• Voltage Divider
• Voltage Regulator
• Operational Amplifier
• NE555 Timer
• Filters
• Reactance
• Wire Resistivity
• Transformer Ratio
• Battery Life Calculator
• Analog – Digital Converter
• Frequency Calculator

Unit Converter
• Numbers
• Digital Storage
• Length / Distance
• Mass / Weight
• Speed
• Area
• Volume
• Angle
• Energy / Work
• Fuel Consumption
• Power
• Temperature
• Time
• Pressure

Custom Tools Creator


✓ Improved translations
✓ Minor bug-fixes

Make sure to try CalcKit Online at

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