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You Choose series by George Ivanoff (Books 5-8)
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Overview: George Ivanoff has written more than 70 books for children and teenagers, and is best known for his Gamers trilogy—Gamers’ Quest, Gamers’ Challenge, and Gamers’ Rebellion.
Genre: Fiction | Children


5. Night of the Creepy Carnival – YOU CHOOSE . . .
Conqueror of clowns or life as a mindless slave!
You are excited to check out the new carnival in town. But as soon as you arrive, the creepy clowns catch your eye. You know something weird is going on, but are you brave enough to follow them? There’s so much more to explore, especially the freak show tent with its disturbing display cases . . .
Will you defeat the evil clowns, or lose yourself in the carnival’s strange attractions?

6. Alien Invaders from Beyond the Stars – YOU CHOOSE . . .
Protector of planet Earth or abduction by extraterrestrials!
You see strange lights in the sky. It’s a flying saucer, just like in the movies. Inside are lizard aliens – disguised as humans. They have come to invade planet Earth! You want to resist, but your actions may lead to the destruction of humankind . . .
Do you have what it takes to save the world? Or will the aliens unleash their ultimate weapon?

7. Super Sports Spectacular – YOU CHOOSE . . .
Athlete of the century or phenomenal sporting failure!
You are ready for a day of fun-filled physical activity. There are so many cool sports to try, but you notice that the competitors look a little unnatural. The basketball players are way too tall and some kids look strangely perfect. Are they human or could they be robots in disguise?
Will you become a sporting star or a victim of the weirdest world domination plan ever?

8. Trapped in the Games Grid – YOU CHOOSE . . .
Arcade games star or prisoner in a digital world!
You are pumped for an afternoon of action at the best games arcade ever. But not all the games are what they seem. There are secret programs, alien tests and other worlds inside a new virtual reality. The artificial intelligence wants your help. The aliens want to recruit you. But you just want to stay alive!
Will you win the game or be stuck inside forever?

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Books 1-4, 9-12

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