Download Witch’s Handbook to Hunting Vampires by Amy Boyles (.ePUB)

The Witch’s Handbook to Hunting Vampires by Amy Boyles (Southern Single Mom Paranormal Mysteries 1)
Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 470 kb
Overview: All Andie Taylor wants is a normal life…

Andie Taylor is your average single mom. She’s got a beautiful toddler, a great job at the local preschool, a neurotic best friend and one huge secret—she used to hunt vampires. Now retired, Andie would much rather be wiping kid snot off her clothes than stalking the undead.

But after a meteor rips through her small town, strange things start happening—like the school janitor is found dead with fang marks in his neck.

Andie’s retired, it’s not her problem.

Until vampires attack Andie on her front lawn. Now she has to figure out who the head bloodsucker is and stop him from taking any more victims—all while juggling single motherhood, a crazy great aunt and Andie’s own lust for a fallen angel. Can she solve the mystery before the vampires claim someone else? Or will she become the next target of the bloodsuckers?
Genre: Mystery Cozy


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