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Wine & Song Series by Eleanor Kos
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Overview: Eleanor Kos is a writer and storyteller. Peculiar obsessions include archery, grammar, and the tying of knots. Most likely demise: buried under an avalanche caused by insufficient storage space for 12 million sorts of tea.
Genre: Fiction | Erotic MM

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Songs You Know by Heart #1: When David was younger, he spent a lot of Saturday nights on his knees: in alleys, in men’s rooms, occasionally behind a hedge in Central Park. He liked it rough and he still does, but he tries to be safer about his choice of partners and locations these days.
He didn’t expect an attempted mugging to be the cause of his relapse. The guy shoves him up against a tree and puts a knife to his throat, and something in his voice makes David want to offer him anything – so he does.
It was a stupid idea – David’s had a million of them – but he got it out of his system. When his mugger shows up at his door in the rain like a lost puppy, it’s hard to say who is more surprised when David invites him to come inside.

Music in a Dry Country #2: David wanted a nice trip to the Argentine wine country with his new boyfriend, Jazz. He wanted some new contracts for his import business, maybe a good tan, and a lot of kinky sex.
Instead, he gets an uncomfortable reminder of the difference in their ages, a stiff dose of irrational jealousy, and the realization that his feelings for Jazz are much stronger than he thought they were.
He tries to keep it all to himself and let Jazz enjoy the trip, but his withdrawal, founded on old insecurities and the memory of loss, is the real threat to their new relationship.

Singing in the Wilderness #3: David’s taste for rough sex has landed him in trouble before, but never like this. Until recently, capital-R Relationships were things that happened to other people, and he liked it that way. Now he’s living with his new boyfriend–or at least he was, until Jazz left to tour with his band. Suddenly, David’s finding it hard to sleep alone and wondering what he’ll do if Jazz doesn’t come back.
Added to that is his slow fall into real submission for the first time in his life. Jazz is more willing to push him over the phone but, despite David’s promises, they still haven’t had that little chat about limits and safewords. Jazz is afraid of going too far, and David’s afraid he won’t go far enough.

Your Breath My Wine #4; David starts his day by buying a set of dildos to fuck Jazz for the first time. He ends it by making airline reservations to go home with him and meet his father.
David and Jazz are finally starting to settle into their relationship when Jazz gets a phone call: his father is in the hospital. He has to go home.
To his own surprise, David wants to go with him, to help if he can, to see where Jazz came from. Once they arrive, he finds himself lost in the utterly alien culture of a small midwestern farm town — and in a rising tide of memories of his own father’s death.
Through the struggle to make peace with his past, Jazz starts to gain a deeper understanding of himself and what it means to be David’s dom.

The Air We Drink #5: David isn’t quite twice Jazz’s age, but he’s close enough. It’s something he manages not to think about most of the time, but Jazz’s audition at Juilliard and resulting nerves, hopes and fears bring up all of David’s own fears and insecurities, both about their future together and his own past.
When Jazz asks if he can finally visit David’s BDSM club, David agrees, hoping it will bring them closer. It does, but it also stirs up a mess of conflicting desires in David, along with parts of his past he would have preferred to keep buried — and an old enemy who sets his sights on Jazz.

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