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Where The Forest Lies by David Sorrow
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Overview: When Connor Parish’s wife chose to leave him for a better life, she left him one final message. A note on the bedside table. Inside contained her love, her hope, and her destination, giving Connor one last chance to leave their past behind and join her. Then… her fatal accident. Connor has spent the last two years grieving his inaction to go to her. To be with her. Finally, he’s decided to confront his inner demons and take her ashes to her last known location. A forest on the outskirts of a small Appalachian mountain town. Connor knows nothing of this place from his wife or their time together. Still, he’s drawn to the mystery of the forest and why she sought it as her haven. Accompanied only by his closest companion, Pain, Connor sets off in search of closure. Daring for hope. What he doesn’t expect, lying amongst the trees and his wife’s past, are secrets. Secrets and lies.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


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