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Unfathomable by Jean Baxter
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Overview: She’s the one! From the day Michael Jarrid runs Annie Brekke off the ski trail, her feisty rebuke sparks his interest. Despite coming from very different backgrounds, his blue-collar Wisconsin and hers Manhattan silver spoon, an unlikely romance ignites. Her playfulness perfectly complements his serious side.

Their wedding date is set. Mike’s hell-bent on completing his final year of college when a surprise pregnancy, then miscarriage brings it all to a screeching halt. The gleam temporarily vanishes from Annie’s eyes. They manage to stumble through the painful experience, yet a longing lingers under the surface. Determined to live out the life they’ve envisioned, they forge on.

Mike starts his job where an attractive, flirty, coworker has him in her sights. But the greatest test comes at what should be the most joyous time of their lives. What happens when a heart shatters? Pure grit, courage, and love are needed to survive the unfathomable.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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