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Undead Warlock by Sean Stone (Arcane Inc. Book 6)
Requirements: epub reader, 379 kb
Overview: Eddie has to save his friends, stop the apocalypse, and avoid eternal damnation. And he’s only got three days to do it…
Eddie Lancaster is dead. His final act was one of sacrifice in the town of Cedarstone. He thought self-sacrifice would buy him eternal bliss in the afterlife. He was wrong. Luckily for him, Lucifer is willing to offer him a deal.
If he returns to life and retrieves the Ambrotos Dagger then Lucifer will allow Eddie to rest in peace for eternity. All his past sins will be expunged. The task seems easy enough until Eddie tries to do it.
The dagger is nowhere to be found and the world is very much changed. Eddie’s explosive sacrifice exposed the supernatural community to the world and not everyone is very happy about it. Old enemies, supernatural and human, emerge from the woodwork to exact revenge on Eddie, and he soon finds himself in the midst of a war between vampires, sorcerers, necromancers, and zombies.
As he draws closer to finding the dagger, talk of the apocalypse comes to the fore, and he realises the exiled angels of the Dead Realm have not been entirely honest about their intentions. A far more catastrophic war is looming on the horizon and one wrong step could trigger the end of the world.
Eddie soon realises that being dead does not mean he’s untouchable. He still has friends his enemies can hurt and his eternal salvation is on the line. He has to retrieve the dagger, save his friends, and make sure that the world doesn’t end in the process. He’s got three days to do it and the clock is ticking.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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