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Time Hunters 1-2 by Angela Knight
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Overview: Angela Knight is the USA Today bestselling author of books for Berkley, Red Sage, Changeling Press, and Loose Id. Her first book was written in pencil and illustrated in crayon; she was nine years old at the time. A few years later, she read The Wolf and the Dove and fell in love with romance.

Deep inside what will one day be called Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains is a facility named the Outpost. A combination police department, hospital and time-travel hub, the Outpost is manned by a unit of devoted law enforcement officers. All of them are genetically engineered cyborgs dedicated to protecting time travelers from each other.

Time Hunters 01 – Warrior
In the 24th century, anyone can leap through time at will. To police the time jumpers, the Temporal Enforcement Agency has established a precinct in time. Galar Arvid is a genetically altered warlord and agent who’s been sent back to 2008 to save a pretty Atlanta artist from a Xeran time traveler who intends to kill her for profit. What Galar doesn’t count on is the powerful desire Jessica Kelly ignites in him. But could a romance between them work? A three-hundred-year chasm separates them and, even if they dart through time, there’s still a maniacal killer on their tails.

Time Hunters 02 – Guardian
Riane Arvid is a superhuman cop from the future, trapped in the year 2009 by group of murderous fanatics called the Xeran. Nick Wyatt is a handsome twentyfirst century warrior who has been a target of the Xeran his entire life. He’s the only one Riane can turn to, but his intentions are as mysterious as his origins. In an attempt to discover the truth about each other, both Riane and Nick decide seduction is the best tactic.

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