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Three Men and a Woman series by Rachel Billings (Books #8-11)
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Overview: Rachel Billings takes her pen name from her hometown. She lives in Western New York now, where she works, writes and gardens. But she still misses the Big Sky. She comes from farmers and likes to dig in the dirt then sit back and watch things grow. She takes a similar approach to the raising of her three children. Her husband, being a scientist, takes a more methodical approach. Rachel started writing stories in her head when she was five. They featured spunky girls who performed heroic acts while looking great and earning the admiration of attractive males. In short, they were preludes to her stories of today. In her day job (which happens to be a night job, too), she works to help women have stronger, healthier, happier lives. In her writing, she hopes to entertain and maybe even enrich women’s lives through romantic and erotic fiction. She does consider her work to be fantasy and realizes that some events described may not be physically possible. One can dream. She has learned that love has power and believes that when two (or four) people love each other, many things are possible. Happiness. Growth. Enlightenment.
Genre: Erotic Romance, Menage


8. Indiana: Indiana Jones is a writer who lives alone in her mountain cabin near Vail. She can go weeks at a time without running into a handsome man, so it’s an unusual day when it happens twice. Come evening, she’s just a bit regretful that she shot down both J.J. Jackson, who cornered her with humorously hokey pick-up lines in the produce section, and Tyler Lawrence, whom she found stranded in a ditch with his pretty, red pickup. Then Sigge Ahlstrand shows up on her doorstep with an off-trail ski injury. He’s sweet and just a little too much to resist. But it’s more complicated than she can anticipate when his two buddies come to fetch him. They’re none other than J.J. and Tyler. Star NFL players, the three men have been best friends since high school. They know how to get what they want. When they all want her, there’s only one sensible thing to do. They decide to share.

9. Jubilee: Former hockey players Keith Hutchinson, Henry Brooks, and Brody Connors need shelter from a storm—literally. They’re caught in a lake effect blizzard, and, half-frozen, they tumble through Jubilee Reynolds’s door. Jubilee is a young widow—alone in her home, alone in her life. She gets the three friends warmed up, feeds them, and puts them up for the night. When they leave in the morning, each of them is thinking of seeing Jubilee again. And she is thinking of them. In a week’s time, each of the men shows up again, unexpected, unannounced, and unaware that the others were coming. They each want to repay Jubilee for rescuing them, and they each want…her. Jubilee is already attached to them all. She can’t choose—even when Henry says he’s not willing to share. But Keith and Brody know their buddy. When they make their love for her public, at Henry’s own New Year’s Eve party, Henry can’t resist.

10. Kai: CEO, architect, and project manager for their firm ReBuild, Vincent Rossi, Timothy Randall, and Ryan Flaherty meet with a woman in a hot little “business suit. She’s Kai Morrison, CEO for Tone, and she’s looking for a bid on her latest project. But they’ve all met Kai before—once, ten years back, at a wild party, where the three friends made crazy, very memorable love with the same sweet girl. And again, a couple weeks ago, when the woman grown sought a little, slightly compromising revenge. Some men might be put off, being left naked and tied to a bed, with cum drying on their chests. But Kai has become a hell of a woman, and these three men aren’t easily deterred. They want her, each of them. Even if Ryan has to figure out that he can share, and Tim has to learn the truth behind a payment made ten years ago that reeks of blackmail.

11. Liberty: Not every woman is built for life on an isolated Wyoming bison ranch. On the Chimney Bluff, Taggart, Orion, and Keegan Harper have two failed marriages to prove it. But when Tag meets Liberty Clark, a drama teacher in Denver, he thinks he’s found the one. Tag brings Liberty to the Bluff for her spring break week. There, she falls in love with both the handsome cowboy and his land. But he has more in mind—he sees her as the woman not just for him, but for all the Harper brothers. When Liberty realizes his crazy intent, she takes off back to Denver. Then a crisis strikes the ranch. Critically injured, Orion is on his way to Denver by air ambulance. Keegan is hurt, too. Tag needs Liberty’s help. He needs her. Lib is too loving a person to say no. By the time all three men are safe and well, they’ve each found their way into her heart.

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