Download The Year of the Gun by Chris Nickson (.ePUB)

The Year of the Gun by Chris Nickson (WAPC Lottie Armstrong Mystery #2)
Requirements: Epub reader, 925 Kb
Overview: 1944: 20 years after WPC Lottie Armstrong was dismissed from Leeds police for insubordination, she’s back, now a member of the Women’s Auxiliary Police Corps and driving for her old boss. DCS McMillan is now head of Criminal Investigation Department, trying to keep order with a depleted force as crime grows. But when the body of a young woman is found among the ruins of Kirkstall Abbey, things take a darker turn. The next night another young woman’s corpse is found. Both are in the service. Both have been shot by an American pistol. As World War II rages around them, can Lottie and McMillan stop a blackout killer with a taste for murder?
Genre: Historical Fiction, Mystery


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