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The Wealthy Creative: 24 Successful Artists and Writers Share Their Winning Habits by Genevieve Parker Hill
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Overview: Want to make a living from your writing, art or other creative work?

So much of creating your own path to success is believing it can be done.

Inspiring role models can be a powerful factor helping you build a successful career.

You will live in a constant state of inspiration and determination with the advice and encouragement from the many different types of creatives interviewed in this book.

If they can do it, so can you!

Inside THE WEALTHY CREATIVE, you’ll find example after example of real authors, artists, designers, and more who share the timeless habits and modern advice that helped them forge their own successful and fulfilling careers.

Each chapter of THE WEALTHY CREATIVE presents one of the essential practices or concepts that crystallized out of the author’s analysis of dozens of interviews conducted with real creatives working in both the digital economy and within traditional spheres.
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