Download The War Game: Ten Great Battles by Peter Young (.PDF)

The War Game: Ten Great Battles Recreated From History by Peter Young
Requirements: PDF Reader, 37.9 MB
Overview: Numerous battles are presented in the text, illustrated with a mix of some pictures and photos of great looking models depicting the wargame.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History, Battles


Charles Grant at Thermopylae, BC 480 —
Philip Warner at Agincourt, 1415 —
Peter Young at Edgehill, 1642 —
David Chandler at Blenheim, 1704 —
Charles Grant at Lobositz, 1756 —
Aram Bakshian Jr. at Saratoga, 1777 —
David Chandler at Austerlitz, 1805 —
James Lawford at Waterloo, 1815 —
Clifford C. Johnson at Gettysburg, 1863 —
Donald Featherston at El Alamein, 1942.

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