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The Victorious Opposition by Harry Turtledove
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Overview: One of the things which sets The Victorious Opposition apart from the earlier books is the study of how even honest men opposed to an evil regime can be co-opted by it. While the fate of men like Jefferson Pinkard may be foreseen, the actions of Hipolito Rodriguez, Clarence Potter, or Willie King may come as a surprise. Turtledove has needed to build their characters over the preceding novels in order to make their actions most understandable. In addition to the question of evil in the Confederacy, Turtledove also spends quite a bit of time with his characters in the United States Quebec and Occupied Canada. Using a variety of characters, Turtledove skillfully demonstrates the differences between society in our 1930s and the world of the American Empire. Chester Martin, now working as a contractor in Los Angeles, has again begun to see the class differences between himself as a worker and the owners, represented in this case by Mordechai Brown.

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