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The Vampire Hunter and the Heiress by Shari L. Tapscott, Jake Andrews (Chronicles of GHOST Book 1)
Requirements: epub reader, 857 kb
Overview: She asked for a monster hunter. She got him instead.

Wildly wealthy Miss Elizabeth Delane has spent her last twenty-two years hiding from marriage offers in small, picturesque Oakenridge, a quaint village hidden from society in the heart of the wooded northern mountains. Her planned spinsterhood was working out just fine until vampires moved in a year ago.

Now her father is missing, the monsters have taken over the village, and her only hope at survival rests on a hunter she’s never met.

Little does Elizabeth know, the man has a secret: Benjamin Oliver is not a vampire hunter.

He’s the executive director of GHOST, a renowned guild of monster hunters, and he’s determined to prove his men can cut expenses while in the field. They’ve been squandering guild money left and right, breaking the rules like they’re suggestions, and he’s going to put a stop to it.

Will Benjamin collect his crossbow bolts from a monster corpse to save twenty-three kevlings? Absolutely. Will he deny his intense attraction to the lovely heiress he’s been sent to rescue, stoically obeying Article Five, Section Seven of the guidebook? He’ll do that too.

At least, that’s the plan. Or it was until the pair uncovers a nest of vampires with an agenda that stretches far beyond Oakenridge. Now Benjamin is breaking rules, spending kevlings like they grow on trees, and doing everything in his power to keep Elizabeth safe.

If they’re lucky, they’ll make it out of this alive. If they’re really lucky, they won’t destroy Benjamin’s budget in the process…
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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