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The Valens Legacy series by Jan Stryvant (#1,3, 11)
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Overview: There really isn’t a lot to say at the moment, but I’ll try to mention a few things. First, the warnings about what kind of a book it is? Please read those. Because it’s kind of sad to see people complaining about a book containing Harem and Violence and adult situations when it says right in the blurb that those things are in the story.
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Paranormal & Urban

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Black Friday (#1) In his junior year at college, studying for his computer science degree, the only things on Sean’s mind is doing his homework and getting out of college to get a real job and finally escape the utter poverty he’s lived in since his father was killed in an industrial accident when Sean was only eight years old. A gamer and a bit of a nerd, Sean’s philosophy in life has been to keep his head down and get his work done, he doesn’t have the time or money for anything more.
But when a failed kidnapping attempt leaves him with a gaping hole in his memory, his oldest friend dead, and his mother missing, Sean suddenly finds his whole world turned upside down as he’s suddenly thrust into the hidden world of magic and the supernatural. Apparently he’s now wanted, dead or alive, by all of the magical societies, though he has no idea why. About the only thing going for him is what his friend did for him just before he died, and the cute track star that lives in the room next to his, that has suddenly taken a very personal interest in his problems.

Over Our Heads (#3) Sean’s still up to his neck in trouble, but at least he’s finally found an example of his father’s work, along with all of his notes. Now all Sean has to do is figure out not only how to reproduce his father’s greatest achievement, but to solve the one problem his father wasn’t able to. Holed up in a cold war era bomb shelter, all Sean wants to do now is keep his head down and his family safe, while he untangles this latest problem.
Like it or not however, Sean has set events in motion that will change the future for all of the mages and supernatural beings involved, should he prove successful. While many may welcome these changes and the freedom it will bring them, some of the more powerful councils will most definitely not.

Red Skies (#11) With the President on his side and the failure of the Vestibulum’s last-ditch attempt to stop him, it seems that Sean’s goal is almost complete. Until, that is, the First moves up Sean’s timetable to deal with Canada and Mexico. Also it seems that a group in Congress is starting to push back against the President’s executive order, but no one really seems to know why. Or even who’s behind it.
Canada proves to be full of unexpected surprises, but when events start heating up in Washington D.C., Sean is forced to switch gears and reassess his priorities. Things are not always what they seem, of course, and things that didn’t make sense before start to take on an ominous meaning as Sean begins to learn about the real enemy that he is facing.
And he’ll be facing them much sooner than anyone suspected.

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