Download The UnFolding Collection Two by S.K. Randolph (.ePUB)

The UnFolding Collection Two by S.K. Randolph (#7-12)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 52.3mb
Overview: DiMensioner Seyes Nomed still wants revenge

The destruction of Myrrh and the death of its Guardian. But he was evicted from that last remnant of old Earth, his mission unaccomplished and his nephew, Esán, an unwilling companion.

Observing their arrival in the scorched DerTahan desert, the deadly Fire ConDra blaze downward toward the intruders.

Soldiers from another planet pursue twins Ari and Brie. The Guardian and their parents plan to separate them to keep them safe.

Determined to stay together, the girls and their friend Torgin sneak away to rescue Esán.

News of Esán’s extraordinary talents spreads through the Inner Universe with the speed of a meteor. Every subversive element and leaders on three planets already scheme to make him their own.

The Guardian of Myrrh agonizes over Esán’s kidnapping as she watches evil forces conspire to destroy all she holds dear. The water in Elcaro’s Eye roils, then calms to reveal what she fears most.

The Unfolding continues…
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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