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The Underground series by Melody Robinette (#2-#3)
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Overview: Melody lives in West Texas with her husband and two cats. When she isn’t teaching English, she can be found in a cozy coffee shop with a latte and her laptop open to her latest novel, typing madly away with little awareness of the world around her. As a dreamer by nature with an overactive imagination—that is where she is happiest.
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult


Ash (The Underground #2)
As the Underground is under siege by the Vaun siblings, Autumn and Luke Oaken juggle newfound problems that come with royal elves turning eighteen. The age-old question, “Who will be the next heir?” forces a divide between the twins. On top of the most important decision of their lives, they must join the rest of the Warriors as they fight to keep Arbor Falls safe.
But after a deadly attack within their walls, the twins and the rest of the Quinns are sent on a quest to recruit fighters from the other inhabitants of the Underground. Along the way they encounter suspicious merpeople, nerdy vampires, secretive warlocks, and mutinous centaurs. But the magical creatures have been segregated for a reason, though it is not what Autumn originally thought, and the true reason has the potential to destroy countless lives.
In the midst of the chaos, Autumn and Avery struggle to keep their relationship secret, while Luke’s growing feelings for someone he’s always viewed as a friend further complicates the situation. The countless secrets Autumn swears to keep begin to pile up and weigh her down. With this many secrets, one of them is bound to slip…and when it does, Autumn’s world as she knows it will come crashing down.

Alder (The Underground #3)
After the deadliest battle in the history of the Underground, Autumn and Luke Oaken find themselves in the roles of co-rulers, catapulting them into adulthood and forcing them to grow up. Even after the death of the Atrum and Shadows’ evil leader, attacks are only becoming more frequent, the death toll steadily rising across the Underground.
The remaining Vaun sibling’s mind is pre-occupied by none other than the new queen of Arbor Falls: Autumn Oaken. After a tragically fatal attack on her beloved town, he pays her a visit and offers her a life-changing bargain she isn’t certain she can turn down. After all, she’s spent her whole life valuing the happiness and safety of others above her own…why stop now?
Experience the thrilling finale of The Underground Series in book three: Alder.

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