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The Shops on Wolf Creek Square Series (1-5) by Gini Athey
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Overview: Gini Athey grew up in a house of readers, so much so it wasn’t unusual for members of her family to sit around the table and read while they were eating. But early on, she showed limited interest in the pastime. In fact, on one trip to the library to pick out a book for a book report, she recalls telling the librarian, “I want books with thick pages and big print.”
Eventually that all changed. Today, Gini usually reads three or four books at the same time, and her “to-be-read pile” towers next to her favorite chair. She reads widely in many genres, but her favorite books focus on families, with all their various challenges and rewards.
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Quilts Galore (The Shops on Wolf Creek Square, #1)
A debut novel in the Wolf Creek Square Series by Wisconsin author, Gini Athey!
Two years after mourning the death of her husband, Marianna Spencer ventures alone to Wolf Creek, Wisconsin, in search of the perfect fabric for her latest original quilt design. Once there, she spots a For Sale sign in the front window of the quilt shop and makes a brash decision to buy the business.
Back in Green Bay, Wisconsin with her new found excitement rising, the last person she expects to see on her doorstep is Rachel, her teen step-daughter, with a baby. Marianna has never met the teenager and although reluctant, even resentful, she can’t turn them away.
Living above the quilt shop on Wolf Creek Square, Marianna offers the young teen mother guidance and deals with her occasional rebellion as the three of them become part of the tight-knit community. Marianna must also decide what to do about the surprising attentions of Art Carlson, the attractive jewelry designer next door.

Country Law (The Shops on Wolf Creek Square #2)
Country Law, the second book in The Shops on Wolf Creek Square Series by Gini Athey is a beautiful contemporary women’s fiction saga about a small Wisconsin town law firm. If you enjoyed Gini Athey’s novel, Quilts Galore , you’ll love Country Law .
Six years ago, a secret tore Georgia Winters’ family apart—now she wants to reunite them, but that means letting the truth come out…
Downsizing costs Georgia her job as a paralegal, but her beloved uncle invites her back to Wolf Creek to work in his one-man legal firm. Feeling ready to face the past, Georgia is optimistic about mending fences with her family, once she owns up to her part in the troubles.
Georgia’s plan doesn’t include romance or running into her high school sweetheart minutes after arriving in town. And she never expected to hear Elliot’s smooth voice once again calling her “Peaches.”
Wolf Creek isn’t the same town she’d left behind, but she’s drawn to the tight-knit community of shop owners on the Square, including Elliot and her childhood friend, Sarah. With two new lawyers at Country Law, Georgia confronts new challenges and encounters a few surprises every day, too. She soon understands that telling the truth about the past means many lives will change, and she risks losing a few cherished relationships in her newly created life.

Rainbow Gardens (The Shops on Wolf Creek Square #3)
From Gini Athey, the third book in The Shops of Wolf Creek Square women’s fiction series! If you’ve read Quilts Galore and Country Law, you’ll love this new story about Megan Reynolds and her flower shop set in Wolf Creek, Wisconsin.
When Clayton Sommers comes to town, will Megan Reynolds’ desire to leave Wolf Creek waver?
Megan Reynolds has spent years establishing her flower shop, Rainbow Gardens, as a vital part of Wolf Creek Square. But now she’s restless. After secretly entering national floral-design contests, Megan has—at last—been chosen as a finalist. If she wins, she’ll be on the road several months in the coming year. But that also means closing Rainbow Gardens. With her dream of leaving Wolf Creek within her reach, Megan now wavers. What does she really want?
Clayton Sommers is in town to interview Megan for the contest, but he’s also a man on the run. His stepfather’s financial fraud conviction has destroyed Clayton’s life as a rising artist in New York and has him dodging the tabloids. He’s searching for a new life…and Wolf Creek has what no other town offers…Megan Reynolds.
Seeing Wolf Creek Square through Clayton’s eyes leads Megan to consider withdrawing from the contest and staying in a town where her roots run deep. But when Clayton suddenly disappears, will Megan be forced to accept that committing to Wolf Creek means a life without him?

Square Spirits (The Shops on Wolf Creek Square #4)
From Wisconsin author, Gini Athey, Square Spirits, Book 4 of The Wolf Creek Square Saga Series!
What happens when independent Zoe Miller meets her psychic match?
Two years after a devastating divorce, Zoe Miller launches her New Age shop, Square Spirits, at the beginning of the busy holiday season on Wolf Creek Square.
With her apartment above the shop, in a building many claim is haunted, Zoe guards her psychic abilities and is secretive about the two young spirits who make their presence known to her in various ways. Having feared rejection by the owners of more traditional businesses, Zoe is surprised by how quickly she’s welcomed into the tight-knit community.
Determined to hold onto her hard-won independence, Zoe hasn’t anticipated connecting with Eli Reynolds, a grumpy skeptic, who seems to show up at her side just when she needs a little help or support. At first Zoe doesn’t understand her magnetism to him, but she soon discovers it is difficult to deny the presence of a kindred spirit.

BookMarks (The Shops on Wolf Creek Square #5)
The saga continues in Wolf Creek, Wisconsin in BookMarks! In the fifth installment of Gini Athey’s Wolf Creek Square women’s fiction Wisconsin series, new characters are introduced to the town.
Will helping a friend bring Millie Ferguson love, along with a new life on Wolf Creek Square?
Still mourning the death of her husband and son, Millie Ferguson says yes to Richard Connor’s request that she temporarily manage the bookstore on Wolf Creek Square. Richard, an old friend, asks for the favor because his daughter-in-law is struggling to run the book and toy shop through her high-risk pregnancy, but it has become obvious she can’t keep up the pace.
Grabbing the chance for welcome change, Millie agrees to leave her Minnesota home and head to the Square. The once prosperous bookshop has fallen into disarray, but Millie loves a challenge. Within weeks, she’s presented with an opportunity to buy the shop and put her mark on the community of popular shops. Millie’s granddaughter, Skylar, has a few dreams of her own, including a desire to own her own toy store in one of the few available buildings on the Square.
As much as Millie enjoys establishing BookMarks, she’s not sure she fits in among the tight-knit group owners, and she also questions some of Richard’s assumptions about their relationship. But as the seasons turn on the Square, change is always in the air and sometimes new feelings bloom and grow. Maybe even for Richard and Millie…

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