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The Sharing Spell by Jade Alters (Mates & Magic 1)
Requirements: epub reader, 262 kb
Overview: I know my way around a spell or two.
Not enough to play around with a force like love though it seems.
All I wanted to do was make some creep leave me alone.
One mistake, one wrong ingredient, and now I’m getting hounded by practically every last man who even looks at me.
When four hot police officers show up to take my statement though, I wonder if the spell won’t work out to my benefit after all.
Should I feel guilty when they vow to protect me?
I could tell them that it’s just a spell gone wrong, but do I want to?
For some reason, I could start to believe those looks in their eyes.
Maybe what they are feeling isn’t just the result of one simple spell gone wrong.
Anything is possible, they’ve got their own shifty secrets.
Genre: Romance


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