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The Rogue’s Secret by Colbie Dunbar (Longmead Woods Book 1)
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Overview: Frederick, the Duke of Longmead, is an alpha driven by duty to his family and loyalty to his community.
Lord Nathaniel ‘Nate’ Elgin, an omega, has been disowned by his brother and lives on commissions from his paintings, though he’s a card sharp and is skilled at fleecing a few farthings from unsuspecting innocents.
Hovering in the background is King Edmund who accepts the alphas and omegas, but his sister, Princess Matilda, is openly hostile to them.
Neither Frederick nor Nate has found a mate, as they have always lived on the fringes of society whether by choice or circumstance.
Until one night at a salon.
Surrounded by alphas.
Nate’s body reacts to Frederick’s presence.
After rescuing the omega, the two endure a terrifying ride through the woods. But after their escape, instinct takes over in the middle of the forest.
Horror is followed by euphoria, shock comes on the heels of ecstasy, but finally squabbles lead to contentment. Until the princess makes Frederick a proposal. One that horrifies and sickens him and threatens his and Nate’s newfound happiness.
They have two choices – stay or flee.
Genre: Romance MM


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