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The Quantum Dragonslayer by Kevin McLaughlin (The Quantum Dragonslayer #1)
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Overview: The future was ashes. Desperate to avoid the same death as his father, Scott launched aboard an experimental relativistic starship. Only two years would pass for him, but two hundred would go by on Earth. He hoped to return to an advanced civilization capable of curing his fatal disease. Things went wrong.

Instead of arriving on schedule, Scott’s ship returned to Earth four hundred years after he’d departed, and the world he found was nothing like what he’d expected.

A new planet orbited nearby. Earth had been devastated and civilization driven into caves with only primitive remnants of technology. Oh yes – there were also dragons.

Massive, scaley, fire-breathing creatures out of legend ruled the skies of Earth.

Crash-landing into this mess with only a robot dog as a companion, Scott must find his way in a world utterly different from what he left behind. Giving up isn’t in his nature. But to prevail in this new Dragon Earth, he must become more than what he was. He will need to become The Quantum Dragonslayer.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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