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The Pumpkin Man by Luis Samways
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Overview: In a small rural town, there’s a folklore that speaks of a killer in the night who wears a hollowed-out pumpkin for a head. He goes around slitting the throats of black cats and their owners, beating down their doors and ‘purifying’ the land.

The tale has lived on for many years in this small town. It’s been around for so long that people don’t pay it that much attention anymore. That’s until Halloween 2017 when the streets run with the blood of its residents.

A psychotic killer is on the loose. Detective Inspector Hunt is cutting his teeth in the Devon & Cornwall murder squad. But there’s something familiar about this MO.

Following his gut, he soon realises that these murders aren’t just being committed by some nut, they’re being committed by a nut wearing a pumpkin on his head!

As the hours wind down and Halloween comes to an end, will Hunt catch the killer? Or will the psychopath carve out a little bit of history for himself as England’s worst serial killer?
Genre: Thriller & Horror


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