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The Pristines Box Set by Kyla May
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Overview: The Pristines have made a pact. They’re going to stay “pristine” (until they turn eighteen at least). But once they have, any man in their sights should beware.
Come along for the ride with Kelly, Cindy, Holly and Jenna. They’re waiting for you…if you think you can handle it.
Genre: Erotic


Kelly is sweet and sexy. And the first of The Pristines to turn eighteen.
She has a great night out planned, until Mike Jackson calls her for a last minute sitter job.
She can’t turn him down and accepts the job, but by the end of the night, will it be Mike who can’t turn her down? Can Mike refrain from indulging in what he’s secretly been fantasizing about for so long? Or will corrupting Kelly’s sweet, delicious innocence prove to be too much to resist?

Kelly was the first and her hot tales of her escapades with Mike Jackson have Cindy wondering if it’s her turn soon. Running into her Dad’s friend, Mark, while she’s almost naked on the way to the shower, she can’t help but see her effect on this tall, muscular man she’s had a crush on for so long.
Before she even has to decide what she wants though, he makes it clear that he wants her. Bad. Maybe almost as badly as she wants him. Mark, Cindy, a hot shower, and her burning desire to know what it’d finally feel like to be a woman.

Holly is the most innocent of The Pristines. But her friends can’t stop telling her how good it feels to finally have sex. A sleep over reveals that her friend’s Dad would do anything to spend a night with Holly. Everything tells her she shouldn’t, that she should wait for ‘the one’. Everything that is, but her body. And his. Will she get through the night with her Pristine pact intact? I hope not…Something tells me Holly’s in a wild night.

Jenna is the last of her friends to turn 18. But now she has, she is dying for her turn to know what it’s really like to be with a man. An older man. A man who knows what he’s doing. And she’d do anything to get it. Poor Dave Peters, her friend Kelly’s Dad. He’s not going to know what hit him. Or seduced him…The hottest of The Pristine stories. You’re not going to want to miss reading how it all happens…

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