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The Optimist’s Handbook: Facts, figures and arguments to silence cynics, doom-mongers and defeatists by Nick Inman
Requirements: PDF Reader, 599 kb
Overview: Miserable world. Miserable life. Switch on the telly and it is always doom and gloom… is there no encouraging news to be had?

The bookshops are full of books about how bad things are, but is the situation really that bad?

When you start looking, there is quite a lot going on that doesn’t make it into the news, onto advertising hoardings or onto the bookshelves. But should we even try to look on the bright side or are we only fooling ourselves?

This book is not designed to be a slushy collection of inspiring thoughts that wishes away unpleasant realities. It is meant to be a hard-nosed look at whether we have got the balance right: is there more good news to share? And should we be taking a more positive view on the world today?

In this brand new book Nick Inman pulls together a list of 100 non-sh*t things for us to feel glad about – a book to inspire the reader while they are slogging to work or taking a break from the ironing. There may not be a perfect world around the corner but there can at least be a little hope…(and something to smile about).
Genre: Nonfiction > Educational


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