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The Once and Future Scream Queen by Brianna Bates (Marlene Ambrosia Mysteries #1)
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Overview: Marlene Ambrosia’s new life coach business was going great.
Then it wasn’t.
She would blame Artie Ryan if she could, but she’s been avoiding him ever since he got back to town. Hoping to reinvigorate her business by retaining an old friend as her latest client, Marlene is in for a big shock. Gwen O’Vear, a former promising actress, is found murdered behind her office. As the police investigate the crime, they begin to turn their eye to Marlene and also to Artie, the most popular guy in her class back in high school.
After serving overseas for many years, Artie returned to town last year and succeeded in getting elected to the local Council. Making waves for bringing a no-nonsense, honest approach to politics in Medboro, a town that has had its share of corruption over the years, Artie has made an enemy out of the one man you don’t cross:
Mal A. Gant.
The Mayor of Medboro for nearly three decades.
Marlene hates politics. So when Artie turns to her for help in challenging the Mayor, she politely declines. But strange things keep happening to Marlene … there’s the owl that starts talking to her … there are the visions she’s having … there’s the strange man that nobody else notices outside the convenience store …
Then, one fateful night, Marlene is visited by the world’s greatest—but long dead—sorcerer.
And he explains to Marlene that her destiny is to provide counsel to a good, honest man so that he might one day become a great leader.
Surely the sorceror can’t be talking about Artie Ryan? The same Artie Ryan who was the cockiest, most self-absorbed guy ever?
Marlene doesn’t think so. Until she reconnects with Artie and begins to see him for who he truly is. A good man trying to make the town into a better place. Maybe she was always wrong about him back in high school. And just when she decides to help him, he’s arrested for murder …
Now Marlene has no choice but to take the case and clear Artie.
Powerful forces are set against Marlene. The Mayor will try to ruin her, but others will try to kill her.
The Once and Future Scream Queen is a cozy with a mythical twist, sure to delight fans of legends, fantasy, and mysteries. Follow Marlene Ambrosia as she solves crimes, discovers her true identity, and fulfills her destiny …
Genre: Mystery Cozy


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