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The Nurse’s Voice by Angela Brooks
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Overview: Angela Brooks is a mental health nurse educator who spent the last 22 years working in a state funded mental hospital. In ‘A Nurses Story’, she shares not only what her patients have taught her over the years, but what we can all learn from those we consider ‘at the margins of society’. It’s about how each of us can inspire a sense of self-worth and purpose in every life we touch… if only we choose to.

What are nurses really thinking? What causes them to be frustrated and want to quit their beloved profession even when they love taking care of people? What makes nurses stay, even when it feels like everything and everyone is against them? In ‘A Nurses Story’, you’ll discover the answer.

The words in this book give voice to the millions of men and women who care for us and our loved ones every day in our most vulnerable times. ‘A Nurses Story’ is their story.
Genre: Non Fiction | Biography


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