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The Memories Series by Linda L Dunlap (#1-2)
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Overview: Dallas, Texas, and the entire state has been her home for all these years. Linda had several careers, always in the people business. The last one was in county law enforcement, working with jail populations. The background for her books is pulled from a rich exposure to life’s good and bad characters, some in questionable settings. Noisy, humorous, and interesting, they march through her books, each one touched with the grace of time, leaving a memory or two for readers.
Genre: Fiction > Fantasy


The Gantlet (#1)
A predatory bird carried her away from home, but that was just the beginning of Breanna Ascroft’s fears. The worst was yet to come. Life for Qays, a mixed race of men and elves, was peaceful where Breanna spent ten years as the darling of her world. But an evil witch wanted something Breanna had, and was determined to get it, no matter what. Demons and witches, men and elves, and a world in jeopardy are ready to face down Breanna and her two friends, Sean, and Elida Vale, but on a long and dangerous journey, Breanna learns the most awesome secret. Her memory is full of magic that may save them all.

The Reckoning (#2)
The world of Elves, Men, and Qays is dangerously close to being destroyed by the Spectre, the underworld ruler, and his abbess, Yahmara Cromcroft, the supreme witch whose desires for power and revenge have no boundaries. Breanna Ascroft discovers the source of her own powers and reluctantly agrees to lead the battle against all the enemies of the Creator, even though she feels inadequate for the enormous task. All her old friends, and some new ones, come together to support Breanna in her quest as she searches herself for the strength and courage necessary to risk it all, including her life, to prevent the end of everything good in her world.

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