Download The Legendary Builder Series by J.A. Cipriano (.ePUB)

The Legendary Builder Series by J.A. Cipriano (1-2)
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Overview: New York Times Bestselling Author, J.A. Cipriano started writing in second grade when his teacher gave everyone in class a journal to write down whatever they wanted. Their first subject was to write about something they didn’t like. J. A. chose to write about why he didn’t like writing. His reasoning was simple. He had bad handwriting. Even then, he was destined to be an engineer due to his messy scrawl.
Genre: Sci Fi/Fantasy


1. The Builder’s Sword – Arthur Curie never expected to wind up in Hell. At least, not because he found an ancient sword in a pawnshop. To make matters worse, Hell isn’t as he thought. It’s a desolate wasteland under siege by an all-consuming void known as the Darkness.Now, he’s trapped with no way home, a ragtag army of women, and a sword whose only power is to modify the abilities of those around him. Not exactly winning odds.Worse, if the Darkness isn’t stopped, not only will it devour Hell, but Earth will be next on the menu.

2. The Builder’s Greed – For the first time in millennia, the all-consuming Darkness has been pushed back. Thanks to Arthur and his ragtag army of women, there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel.Or there would have been if Mammon, Princess of Greed hadn’t awakened.Powerful enough to level a town with the blink of an eye and ally to no one, Mammon has one goal and one goal only.To own everything in Hell, starting with Arthur and his friends.And if he can’t stop her from taking over while fending off attacks from Hell’s ruling class, well, let’s just say that his chance to stop the Darkness will slip from slim to none.

Download Instructions:
1. The Builder’s Sword

2. The Builder’s Greed

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