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The Legendary Builder Series by J.A. Cipriano (#5-6)
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Overview: New York Times Bestselling Author, J.A. Cipriano started writing in second grade when his teacher gave everyone in class a journal to write down whatever they wanted. Their first subject was to write about something they didn’t like. J. A. chose to write about why he didn’t like writing. His reasoning was simple. He had bad handwriting. Even then, he was destined to be an engineer due to his messy scrawl.
Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy

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The Builder’s Throne (#5)
Enter the Darkness. Kill Everyone. Save the World.
When Arthur Curie learns of a chink in the Darkness’s armor, he knows it’s his chance to strike back. No, not just strike back, but turn the tide in a millennia old conflict.
There’s just one problem.
To take that chance, he’ll have to risk his entire army, side with a former enemy, and defeat forces of Darkness far greater than he’s ever faced before.
But you know what they say, no guts, no glory, right?

The Builder’s Conquest (#6)
The Final Battle is Here.

When Arthur found a magic sword in a pawnshop, he never thought it would make him into the Builder of Legend and thrust him into the forefront of the fight with the Darkness.

Now, to finally put an end to the destruction of everything, Arthur and his girls will have to hold the lines against the Darkness’s final assault while defeating the Four Horsemen, freeing God from captivity, and of course, confronting the Empress.

Sure, the odds might be stacked against him, but if there’s anyone who can do it, it’s the penniless orphan turned King of Heaven and Hell.

Download Instructions:
The Builder’s Throne (#5)

The Builder’s Conquest (#6)

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