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The Last Orchard series by James Hunt (Prequel & Book 1)
Requirements: ePUB, AZW3 Reader, 996 Kb
Overview: James Hunt’s passion for writing began at an early age. While his journal of yesteryear may never be the work of great fiction, he’s been working hard every day since then to bring pages to life. James has well over a decade of writing under his belt, but his professional career in literature didn’t take off until 2014. James currently lives in Orlando, FL and when he’s not pounding away at the keyboard you can find him at the theater or somewhere outside enjoying the beautiful Florida weather.
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic | Dystopian | EMP

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The Last Orchard (Prequel)
Charlie Decker traveled to Seattle to acquire a much needed loan for his family’s Orchard. After a dozen requests, Charlie is forced to head home empty handed. But his plans are derailed after an unexpected attack on the city renders all electronics useless. No cars. No phones. Everything about the modern world has been destroyed. And that’s when the chaos begins.

The Last Orchard (Book 1)
When an EMP renders the country impotent, Charlie Decker and a small band of survivors head toward his family’s orchard outside of Seattle. But while food and water is abundant, their safe haven becomes a target not just for the enemy, but anyone looking to survive.

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