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The Knockoff Boyfriend by Jamie Lake, Jeff Rivera (Man of my Dreams #1)
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Overview: Yeah, so I’m Kyle and I’m kind of screwed. Here’s the deal:
I work as an assistant to a Hollywood producer. My boss, Mr. Swoon, who’s like the hottest thing since Matt Bomer—I’m totally in love with him, but he doesn’t know it yet.
And it gets worse.
I ran across his profile on the gay dating site, Humper dot com and I sort of created this secret profile.
We’ve been chatting for months and we’ve totally clicked. My boss calls me his soul mate.
Except he doesn’t know it’s really me.
The guy who fetches his coffee all day long and washes his Corniche and helps him avoid the paparazzi.
But that’s not all.
My boss wants to meet me. Not the real me, the fake me that I made up online.
And he wants to meet me now.
I’m screwed.
The only way I can get out of this hell hole is to somehow convert my hunk of a straight cowboy roommate, Christian into a gay man.
He has to pretend to be the fake me.
Girl, did you hear me? I have to turn this lump of caveman breeder into a knockoff boyfriend. Yes, honey-child, a debonair suave gay man in just days.
And I have no clue how to do it.
Genre: Romance MM


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