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The Iron Realm by J.M. Briggs (The Iron Soul #1)
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Overview: Alex Adams knew college would be full of new experiences: living with her roommate Jenny, a crush on Jenny’s boyfriend Arthur and navigating a whole new social scene, but a magical war wasn’t part of the plan. Strange visions draw her towards new friends and their lives are changed forever when they learn that magic is returning to the world, along with creatures from another world set on enslaving their own.
The line between legend and history blurs as terrible forgotten truths come to light and their only allies are the three-thousand year old mages Merlin and Morgana who must teach them to control their own magical gifts if anyone is going to survive.
Three thousand years ago a great hero is created from the very magic of Earth to defend it from the advancing Sídhe. He is Arto, the Iron Soul and will rise to become a man that inspires myth and legend. As a ruthless new Queen leads their enemies, Arto must grow up quickly under the protection of his teacher Merlin and save his sister Morgana from the influence of the Sídhe Realm if there is any hope for Earth.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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