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The Illmoor Chronicles series (1-2, 4 & 6) by David Lee Stone
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Overview: David Lee Stone is an English fantasy author. His best-known work is the Illmoor Chronicles series. Stone has also written (as David Grimstone) the Gladiator Boy series and a pirate fantasy novel called Davey Swag, and (as Rotterly Ghoulstone) the Undead Ed series. When he isn’t writing, Stone enjoys blogging, making crazy YouTube videos, watching WWE with his son, Sebastian, and writing about his favorite TV show, Lost (he even named his daughter Evangeline Lilly after the cult show’s leading actress!). He lives in Kent with his wife, Chiara, and their two small children.
Genre: Fiction | Sci-fi/Fantasy

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#1 – The Ratastrophe Catastrophe
To save the future of their homeland, a young herald and petty thief must face off against a boy consumed by dark magic

Illmoor’s capital has a problem: rats. And lots of them. Desperate for a solution, the chairman of the Dullitch Council seeks the help of Illmoor’s roving mercenaries, hoping to find someone who can tame the ever-swelling tide of rodents. Jimmy Quickstint, the chairman’s grandson and junior thief in training, returns to Dullitch with the hulking Groan Teethgrit and his angry dwarf sidekick, Gordo Goldeaxe. Together, they are Dullitch’s best hope to eradicate the rats—until Diek Wustapha arrives.

Diek, still just a boy, has been possessed by a magical power that gives him the uncanny ability to control not just animals, but also people. He gets rid of the rats in town, but the relief in Dullitch is short lived. The city refuses to pay Diek, and he does not take the insult lightly. He is determined to strike back at Dullitch by kidnapping all of the capital city’s children. That is, unless Jimmy Quickstint and his two new friends can find a way to stop him.

#2 – The Yowler Foul-Up
Yowler was the god of stone, capable of turning people into rocks with little more than a glance. He has been gone for years, but one dangerous, centuries-old brotherhood in Dullitch plans to change that. The Yowlers—a dark and terrible cult—will see Dullitch turned to stone if it is the last thing they do. The only ones who could thwart the Yowlers’ deadly plans are a ragged band of Illmoor natives, as peculiar as they are unlikely heroes.

There is Jimmy Quickstint, a one-time thief who helped save the town in The Ratastrophe Catastrophe; Duke Modeset, the maligned and bumbling former leader of Dullitch; and Jareth Obegarde, a mysterious and quick-witted half-vampire (on his mother’s side). Together, it will be up to them to stem the latest plague of evil rising in Dullitch, lest their city be laid to final, devastating ruin.

#4 – The Dwellings Debacle
Viscount Curfew, the ruler of Dullitch, has gone missing. In the middle of the night, with his entire palace guard inexplicably asleep, the viscount disappeared from his bedroom—a skillful kidnapping that will require help from the sharpest minds in Dullitch if the city is ever to see its leader again.

Enoch Dwellings is as wily as he is arrogant. One of the capital city’s best detectives, he is called upon to root out the perpetrators. But Jareth Obegarde, a half-vampire and rival sleuth, refuses to let the case go without a fight. Grappling for an advantage, Dwellings turns to Jimmy Quickstint, a gravedigger and former thief; Parsnip Daily, a professional tracker with a short-term memory problem; and even Lusa Mardris, Jareth’s newly discovered daughter. Pursuit of the kidnappers leads Enoch and his crew on a wild journey into battle with everyone from a deadly shape-shifter to a master swordsman, all of whom demand one price in exchange for Viscount Curfew: blood.

#6 – The Coldstone Conflict
Illmoor has seen many heroes: Groan, the muscled mercenary who became king; Jareth Obegarde, a mysterious and quick-witted half vampire; and Jimmy Quickstint, a former thief and professional gravedigger who has embarked on more than a few dangerous adventures. But when the ancient and powerful Vanquish rises in Illmoor after an eon in waiting, the continent seems doomed. Towns across the kingdom are in ruin, destroyed by a marching zombie horde controlled by the terrible Vanquish. And there’s nothing the few remaining defenders of Illmoor can do about it.
That is, unless they can find an equally ancient and powerful force to combat the one that has set their homeland aflame. This ragtag band of Illmoor’s most dubious heroes must join together one final time to bring the kingdom’s last great hope for survival into the battle—before it’s too late.

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