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The Hunter Mercenary Series by Morgan Kelley (#1-3)
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Overview: Morgan Kelley lives in the beautiful Pocono Mountains with her husband and two children. After attending college at Penn State University and studying Criminal Justice, Morgan knew here only true passion in life would be murder and books. She put them both together and began her career as a writer. Other than books and writing, you can find Morgan hanging out in her garden and digging in the dirt. Everyone thinks she’s planting, but she’s actually searching for places to bury the bodies.
Genre: Erotic Romance


1. Atonement – His one mission in life is to catch the one who got away. Dakota Rakin eats, sleeps, and obsesses over the case that killed his partner and ruined his perfect life.
After leaving the US Marshals, he’s made it his mission to track the killer down. It’s led him to a city that never sleeps, a town so entrenched in wickedness, that he’s not shocked she’s hiding there.
New Orleans.
It’s the town that hides the woman who broke the rules, killed so many, and made him a monster inside, and he’s going to make it home until he finds her.
Only, once he arrives there, some friends from his past are waiting for him, and he never saw it coming. They have a surprise for him. They’ll give him private intel that the government has, if he works with two other men to handle a couple simple cases.
Only, the men are mercenaries.
And the simple cases are anything but.
Now Dakota Rakin, Rogue Ravenscroft, and Zayn Thundercloud have one hell of a conundrum on their hands. They have no choice but to work together to get the one thing they each seek.
For Dakota, it’s especially hard. He was once the law, and they are anything but, and yet, they are now trapped under one roof, working one case, and finding that things aren’t so black and white in ‘The Big Easy’.
New Orleans is full of crime, and Dakota now has to put his life, and his fate, in the hands of two men who run on the illegal side more often than not.
What could possibly happen as the team embarks on one wild ride?
Searching for Atonement, will they solve the case and get the next piece of the puzzle, or will they end up losing—and by losing, that means turning up dead?

2. Absolution – Their job is far from over.
In fact, it’s only begun.
The Hunters are on the trail of a sex ring that has come to New Orleans by way of Vegas, and it’s going to be one of those cases. Zayn, Rogue, and Dakota are stuck in the middle of a city on the brink of chaos and working on chasing their own demons. Only, this case is connected, and can’t be ignored.
Yeah, and that’s not all.
The Blackhawks are back, and they have a new mission for the mercenaries. It’s do or die. It’s life or death. It’s a woman’s life hanging in the balance.
It’s not like they can say no.
There’s another woman to rescue—and it won’t be easy. They have to extract Storm St. Clair after a year trapped in the sex ring.
Yeah, cakewalk.
Meanwhile, with the rest of New Orleans, they’re asses are on the line.
With Charlotte’s death, Purgatory is on fire. The city is divided, and they are now wearing targets of their own.
What’s a group of mercenaries to do?
Take everyone down.
Watch it burn.
And hold nothing back.
The Hunters are on the job, and before it’s over, N’awlins will know what they’re up to, but that’s half the danger and fun.
Death is coming.
And it’s no one’s friend.

3. Amends – New Orleans is a down and dirty town built to test even the strongest of men. It is a place where you can buy a killer, sell your soul, and find yourself in a whole lot of trouble.
Now, it’s gotten worse.
There’s a killer in town, and he’s hooked up with the same animals that Dakota Rakin and his not so merry band of mercenaries have been contracted to take out. This animal is making the underbelly of N’awlins look all kinds of clean.
That’s an issue.
What else is an issue? Well, for starters, there are a new set of hunters on their turf—and not your average ones. They aren’t there to make a buck.
They’re there to settle a score.
Only, they’re all after the same group of criminals.
What’s a Hunter to do when a famous Mob man is in his territory? Can two good guys, masquerading as bad guys, get the job done?
Or is New Orleans finally going to rise up, fight back, and make their lives a total hell?
There’s only one way to find out, and in the end, Amends will be made.
One way or another.

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3. Amends

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