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The Games People Play Series by Barbara Gaskell Denvil (#2-3)
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Overview: Barbara Gaskell Denvil’s father was an artist and playwright, her mother a retired teacher and her sister a published author at sixteen. Ms. Gaskell Denvil therefore had no other passion but the arts and books. She started writing articles and short stories for magazines and newspapers. She was also a tutor for scriptwriting, and a reviewer for Books and Bookmen. Since her children had grown and her partner had died, she started writing full length fiction again, and in all her favourite genres.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery


Ashes From Ashes (#2)
He has escaped… They found him the first time, can they do it again? Meanwhile, bodies are falling down the chimney of an abandoned house, and it isn’t the same killer that’s murdering them this time. From the ashes the body count rises. A new killer, another on the run, and Evi is missing. Sylvia and Harry desperately continue their search and find things closer to home than they realised. So many avenues to follow, can they connect the pieces and find Evi in time.

Daisy Chains (#3)
Will it be third time lucky? For who, the Hunter or the hunted? Sullivan’s daughter has been found. Tracy tries to help the police, but somethings not right. Abused by both father and mother, she escaped at thirteen. What has she been doing since then? Is it possible to recognise a psychopath from a normal human being?

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