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The Duke of Strathmore Series by Sasha Cottman (Books 4-6)
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Overview: Born in England, but raised in Australia, Sasha has a love for both countries. Having her heart in two places has created a love for travel, which at last count was to over 55 countries. A travel guide is always on her pile of new books to read. Her first published novel, Letter from a Rake was a finalist for the 2014 Romantic Book of the Year.
Genre: Historical Romance


A Scottish Duke for Christmas (Book 4):
A night of scandalous passion has come at a high price for Ewan Radley, Duke of Strathmore. His headstrong fiancée has fled, and he is now left to raise their love child on his own.
Lady Caroline Hastings isn’t about to forgive the man who threw her over for her sister, but when Ewan begs her to come to Scotland and help save his son, she cannot refuse him. Trapped together within a snowbound castle, they struggle to come to terms with their past. Ewan seeks to win Caroline back, but she is determined not to be a convenient solution to his problem.
As Christmas approaches, Ewan searches high and low for that one special Christmas gift to give to her. But it will take more than mere jewels or fancy clothes because Caroline’s heart desires the one thing money cannot buy. The only gift she longs to receive on Christmas Day is the love of a Scottish Duke.

My Gentleman Spy (Book 5):
Former spy William Saunders’ world is turned upside down the day he rescues missionary worker Hattie Wright from the deep blue waters off the coast of Gibraltar.
When circumstances compel them to share a cramped cabin on the boat trip back to London, desire and passion ignite between them. Hattie sees the time with Will as a brief respite before she goes back to her mission among the poor and vulnerable in the slums of London.
Will, however, feels honor bound to offer her marriage and return her to the world of privilege she once knew. Despite her heart’s desire to possess his love, Hattie is determined to continue her important work. She rejects his proposal.
But Hattie has made powerful enemies in the criminal gangs of the rookeries and there are those who would gladly see her dead. When Hattie goes missing, Will is finally forced to face the truth of his past to save the woman he loves.

Lord of Mischief (Book 6):
Being the second son of a Viscount comes with the knowledge that no matter what he achieves; Freddie Rosemount won’t be the first member of his family to have done it.
With good looks, wealth and his father’s townhouse at his disposal, Freddie decides it is time to head to London and create a few firsts of his own.
Caught up in the endless whirl of elegant parties and political games, Freddie soon falls in with the wrong crowd. The Bachelor Board is a club for young men who wish to leave their mark on London society. Entry can only be secured by meeting a series of secret challenges, each more scandalous than the last.
Eve Saunders is a well-bred daughter of the House of Strathmore, but beneath her English skin beats a passionate French heart. The lust for danger runs in her family’s blood.
As Eve helps Freddie to secure his position on the Board, passion, and love ignite between them.
But the final, secret challenge for Freddie to secure his seat on the Bachelor Board comes with a shocking price.
When his furious father cuts off his money, Freddie’s life quickly spirals downward. He soon comes to see the terrible truth of what he has done to the girl he loves.
Determined to do whatever it takes to win Eve back, Freddie is dismayed to discover that Eve is not sitting at home crying over him.
When Eve begins to play her own series of sexy and dangerous games, Freddie is left with no other option but to take Eve on at her own game.
Only at the very last challenge, does Freddie see what he is risking and that Eve is playing for keeps.

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