Download The Directorate series (Books #1-2) by Pam Uphoff (.ePUB)

The Directorate series by Pam Uphoff (Books #1-2)
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Overview: I grew up in California, one of those horse-mad girls.
Horse books, Horse drawings, riding lessons . . . the parents finally surrendered when I was thirteen and bought a horse. And another. And another.
I still have two, a granddaughter and great grandson of my first very own, don’t-have-to-share-with-the-sisters, horse.
My reading slipped from horse and dog stories to science fiction, but even though I’m writing science fiction, there seem to be rather a lot of horses in the stories, somehow.
My stories in my favorite Fictional Universe, Wine of the Gods, are going up, book by book.
Genre: Fiction » Sci-Fi/Fantasy


1. Directorate School
Ebsa "Kitchen" Clostuone invades the sacred precincts of the High Oners! The School of Directorate Studies has a wide variety of students, including the president’s daughter Paer, this strange Ra’d fellow, and Nighthawk, the first foreign student from Comet Fall. Ebsa wants to explore across the dimensions. And all he has to do is keep his grades up, learn how to shoot every kind of gun imaginable, and not get pounded by the Action Team trainees.

2. A Tale of Three Interns
Ebsa, Paer and Ra’d have survived their first year at the Directorate School. No doubt this summer internship will be boring. It’s not like they’d let them do anything dangerous . . . like assist in a study of dinosaurs.

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