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The Deviants Complete series Box Set by Jacey Ward (#1-3)
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Overview: Demons face off against sorceresses, Valkyries challenge darker demons, and vampires will take on anyone – except humans. Humans and Deviants never mix. Although ‘never’ is a strong word… And rules are made to be broken… In the Immortal Deviants world, mythical and mysterious beings co-exist with humans – and the humans never even know it.
Genre: Romance | Fantasy


1. Demon Takes All
She’s the best thief around. Getting caught is not an option.One night of scorching-hot passion.One empty promise that he would return in a week.That’s all Arya had left to remind her of the demon lord who walked away from her that morning – and never came back. Well, that, and her daughter, Jasmine. The beautiful child, born into two Deviant worlds. The two halves of her little soul were fighting for dominance – she wouldn’t live much longer without a powerful talisman. But the only person with an artifact powerful enough to help her little girl, is Dante – the child’s cruel and heartless father, who had abandoned Arya after their night of passion, offering false promises and touching endearments that turned out to be lies. But it doesn’t matter, because Arya is the most talented thief in the sorceress world – and she’s going to steal the Chasm of Guile. Right. Out. From. Under. Him. Scr*w him. And he’ll never know. About the talisman or his daughter.The rumors flying about Dante say that he’s a vicious enemy to have…She’ll do anything in her power to protect her daughter – including keeping her little girl’s existence a secret from her coldhearted demon father. She just can’t get caught…

2. Demons Strike Back
Kalen – the dark demon underlord who won’t stop at anything to get what – or who – he wants.
Circe – the beautiful, innocent Valkyrie masquerading as a human supermodel.

Kalen is out for blood. The blood of a powerful demon who’s betrayed him. But he needs a Valkyrie’s powers to help him find this soon-to-be-dead demon. He’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen – even if it means manipulating and lying to the Valkyrie he fell instantly in lust with during her runway debut.

Circe knows she should stay away from the dark demon… but knowing and actually doing are two completely different things. After all, he’s so damn sweet, and protective of her. How could he possibly hurt her?

Kalen’s betting he’ll have time to break the news of who he really is – and how he’s using her, before she finds out about him some other way. But he’s wrong. Now, heartbroken and furious, Circe vows never to let him in again – to her heart, or her bed.

3. Vampires Bleed Too
Evander. The first time I saw her photo in a magazine, I knew. I would have her. Now someone is trying to kill her.
She’s grace and beauty incarnate. A human supermodel. So her demon and Valkyrie bosses hire me to protect her. Because, of course, vampires make the best bodyguards, right? As soon as I meet her, face-to-face, I know. This is going to be the fight that threatens to take me down. Did I mention ‘human’? Goddammit it. That means no touching her, no kissing her, no scr#wing her either – no matter how hot the flames between us burn. Because Deviants and humans Do. Not. Mix.

Ever. The rules are set in stone. The punishments are lifelong. And for an immortal, that means eternity. So I’ll protect her with my life, guard her from the betrayals that keep flying her way, and pray to the gods that I don’t drag her down into my world.

Cass. He’s hot as sin, and stubborn enough to make me throw things – like caution. To the wind. Dammit, I know I shouldn’t. I know he feels it too – I’ve never experienced attraction like this. But I know he’s hiding something from me – so I’m not going to stop until I know what he’s holding back. And when I tell him about my little secret, I hope he’s as excited as I am.

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