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The Cursed Sea by Candace Osmond (Dark Tides #6)
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Overview: Without her soul to anchor her to this world, Dianna can’t travel through time. Now she finds herself stranded in the past while Henry and their kids are safe at home in the future.

Her days at the Artair Keep in Scotland are coming to an end as she and the crew prepare to sail South in hopes of retrieving her soul, her ticket home. But they’re weighing everything on the slim chance that Benjamin can find an old friend, a soul trader named David Jones.

Only…that was over a hundred years ago, and Dianna fears the journey will be a dead end. With no known Viking portals leading to the Caribbean, the crew are left with no choice but to sail the Atlantic. Can Dianna brave the tumultuous waves ahead or will she succumb to the temptation of immortality and leave her heart in the future?
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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